Thursday, June 21, 2007


Adam Franklin

The name might just be stored away there somewhere in your grey matter, as he was indeed the guitarist / vocalist with the early 90's shoegazeing band Swervedriver that were signed to Creation B.O. (before Oasis). By the end of the decade the band had run out of steam and the members had gone their individual ways, the rhythm section were to play together as Skyscraper and Adam Franklin was to use the name Toschack Highway for his future projects until 'Bolts Of Melody', earlier this year in Europe and fresh out in the States, the first album to be released under his name. I've had two of the tracks sitting around in my e-mail in box for a little while and when I finally got round to listening to them I was more than pleased. Album opener 'Seize The Day' reminds me a lot of the much missed Eugenius with it's radical updating of all that was good with the Byrds. 'Syds Eyes', no surprise here is pure sixties psychedelia and as the title would suggest a tribute to the recently departed Pink Floyd founder. American readers will have the chance to catch him performing live as he will be on a short US tour in July. If what you've heard has whetted your thirst there are a number of other tracks for download on his site including a KEXP radio session from 2005.
Two bonus tracks for you 'Planes Over The Skyline' and 'Year Of The Girl' that I had as the B side Of Swervedriver's 1993 single 'Duel'.

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