Monday, May 07, 2007


Peel Sessions 52.

And the winner is, well actually no one bothered to enter, I'm not sure, why lack of interest? anyway I must confess that even I Could only come up with one other band of repute from Aberdeen, and that Is The Shamen, who lest we forget before they went all top 40 and easy rave in that horrible home counties way, they did come up with some good music, 'In Gorbachev We Trust' remains to this day a good listen. So In conclusion I guess we could say that herrings and rock 'n' roll don't mix!

I did threaten you with APB's second Peel session, from December 1982, and so here are the four songs:

1. 'Got It In One'
2. 'Play It'
3. 'Wonderdrug'
4. 'Back Inside Your Heart'

As I mentioned in Peel sessions 50, by the time of their second visit to Maida Vale the band's sound was a lot more polished I guess you could compare them to Spandau Ballet but without the silly clothes to detract from the music. They were not the only band making similar music that were to be ignored by the masses, another example is the excellent Way Of The West, both of these bands are the proof that in the eighties white boys were playing credible funk in their own pale way.

i meant to reply to that competition, the only good bands i could think of to come from aberdeen are the shamen and jasmine minks.

Jasmine Minks are ace. I'm sure there must be plenty more
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