Friday, May 11, 2007


Friday Nite Fever

Those of you that have been through the archives will have no doubt about my admiration for the work of Mark Vidler or as he is better known Go Home Productions. It's been a little while now since we have had any new work from him but his latest EP, 'Six Pack' makes up for those lost weeks as it inspires that weekend party feeling right from it's title inwards through to the very last strains of it's music. The 6 tracks are only available as a free zip file download, so don't go asking your record dealer for a copy, he'll only scratch his head and tell you to come back next week. On top form for these 6 tracks his favorite artists, the Beatles, Radiohead ....., are well represented with tasteful and imaginative mixing and mashing of the source material to come up with true foot tapping, bum wiggling, head shaking originals. My personal favorite is the preposterous coupling of 'Creep' with 'Lucky In The Sky With Diamonds' to revisit an Italian folk story on 'Pinocchiohead On Acid'. The week end starts here!

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