Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Drookit Dogs

A band that I found by surfing the web, not I might add my space, a concept that disagrees with me, but good old fashion follow the links and see where you end up, and I must say very pleased I am with discovering the Drookit Dogs. The name sent images of A Clockwork Orange rushing through my head and I guess the band are a little bit like the book and it's film in so far as you'll either love them or hate them. A Brighton based three piece that claim to play Polk? Don't bother looking as I've done it for you and the word is well and truly absent from the trusty Oxford dictionary. I can only guess that the term comes from mixing punk with folk, in any case they have very little in common with polka! What initially held my attention was the successful mixing of singer Matt Oldfield's booming voice that comes hurtling straight at you like a demented English folk singer backed by his trusty old punk guitar that has spent years at the bottom of a swamp. They managed to hold my attention as they also have a knack of writing some snappy tunes such as the wonderfully tongue in cheek 'Female Singer Songwriter' that does hit the nail on the head, 'Worthy' has got me thinking about another Brighton native Wreckless Eric with it's English trash sound, 'I'd Rather Be On A Comedown' is almost an epic with it's throbbing bass line and dare I say it Dylan meets Joni Mitchel like qualities add to this the simple but effective melody and you're onto a sure winner. For those of you that like these songs as much as I do there others currently available for free download on the bands web site. If there is any justice in the world the band will not be spending that much longer playing in small intimate venues, If you're in London or near Brighton do check them out as by all reports they are even more powerful in the flesh.

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