Monday, April 09, 2007


Peel Sessions 48

Well I've been away for the week end, my boys were lucky enough to get in some end of season skiing, and as such have just got back to Nimes after a five hour drive, so this weeks Session will probably be brief and to the point.
No excuses at all for revisiting artists when their is merit and even if there was no merit it is my blog and as such I'll post what I want. back in August last year we had a look at Marc Bolan'sacoustic work with T.Rex, well there were to be two more pre-fame sessions that had a more electric edge to them and are fine examples of an artist in mid transformation. From November 1969 is the Eddie Cochran standard, that was a live staple of many UK groups at this period maybe thanks to the Who's explosive live version on 'Live At Leeds', 'Summertime Blues' with its nice touch of bongos and primitive guitar solo. This primitive side is also present on 'Hot Love' from the same session a much more direct recording than the later official studio version. By the following year and Bolans last Peel Session the band were fully electric as can be heard on 'Ride A White Swan' and the missing part of the puzzle, producer Tony Visconti, and fame and fortune were just around the corner.

Excellent choices, friend.

Athens, GA
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