Thursday, April 12, 2007


Jealous Again!

It's true that a times I miss living in a large, big happening town such as my birth place, London, this feeling is often accentuated when I see the bands that are passing through these large centres of population. This was very much the case when I saw the advert for tomorrow's gig in Paris, is this the right word for a DJ set? Regular readers will have already witnessed the praise that I have been heaping on Go Home Productions and so missing the chance to see him perform along side his contemporaries, top French bootleggers DJ Zebra and Loo And Placido has rather put the dampers on my day. I do find it rather strange that the 'gig' should start and finish so early after all this is night time party music, this might be because the event is taking place in one of the capital's prestige concert halls! Anyway if I were to go I'd probably find myself to be the oldest person in attendance! To cheer myself up a little I've given GHP's recent comic relief mix that was commissioned for radio 6 another spin and well worthy it is with its as ever inspired choice of tunes mixed in this time with selected comic snippets, the whole 60 minutes is dowloadable as two files; pt1 and pt2. Those that don't know DJ Zebra can check out their download page where there are always a good number of files up for grabs.
I am a recent convert to the UK music mag The Word that has just celebrated it's 50th issue, above all I appreciate it's more in depth thought provoking articles that do not not limit themselves to just the music and do much more than scratching the surface as the more established press seems to do these days, I often get the impression that I know much more than the so called journalists recount in their articles. I read with interest their review section, more a case a quality above quantity, and as such was pleased to stumble across their review of GHP's 'Mashed' album that has recently seen the day of light on EMI, a well thought out article signed by David Hepwoth that I tend to agree with especially his closing thoughts that he feels a certain nostalgia already for the days when GHP's work was only available as hush hush naughty free downloads in other words when bootlegging earned it's name and reputation as an underground peoples movement.

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