Thursday, March 29, 2007



Two cover versions today with in common the word teenage. Following on from yesterday's TPE post a version that maybe you don't know of the Undertones main claim for fame 'Teenage Kicks', which is one of they great songs that I find you never get tired of, even at the tender age of 46 those opening chords still send a shiver down my backbone as Johhny Kidd would have said. The song is interpeted by French artist Dominiqe A with a little bit of help from Francoiz Berut, and in a dreamy way it's not bad with an introspective forlorn touch.
How can you cover a Sonic Youth song with out seeming foolish? Well I found the answer in my mail box this week signed by Ruby Isle, who take on 'Teenage Riot', that can can found on their recently released 'Into The Black EP'. Kindercore founder and member of I Am The World Trade Center, Dan Geller has teamed up with old school friend Mark Mallman, author and performer of rock's longest song performed in 2004 and lasting over 52 hours! They describe themselves as being the rock band predicted by Nostradamus, their press agent describes them as being the merge of alcohol and sweat drenched Mallman glam with a dance pop production, I'm not quite sure what they mean but regardless on the evidence of the three songs thay should be destined for great things, or at least an NME front page. Their piano led cover has been running arround my head for the last few days and for good reason as they have managed to keep the menace of the original while adding a child like feeling of optimism, in a fair world this would be a hit, as they used to say. The other two tracks are equally good and can be heard a their my space.

Actually, it's Francoiz Breut, no Berut. And yes, the coverversion's not bad at all.
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