Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Peel Sessions 46

I know I missed the Monday rendez-vous, but believe me I am having big problems with my work load at the moment and since the beginning of the week I've been on 10 hour plus working days. So as they say better late than never, and with next to no text as time is really not on my side, but I'll catch up with the writing side next week and by way of bonus another Session from the same band.
That Petrol Emotion were of course the band that raised itself from the ashes of the Undertones, while Fergal Sharkey was off chasing fame and fortune, That Petrol Emotion, formed by the O'Neill brothers with American Steve Mack handling the vocal duties, were doing what real bands do. It should come as no surprise that they quickly earned the patronage of Peel and as such got round to laying down three sessions, the first of which from June 1985 is up for grabs today.

1. 'V2'
2. 'Lettuce'
3. 'Blind Spot'
4. 'Can't Stop'

'85 surely?
You're right my mistake
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