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Peel Sessions 45

Kevin Coyne was a die hard rock 'n' roll maverick who as Robert Chalmers correctly pointed out sung about subjects that failed to inspire the majority of the record buying public. Though fans he did a have, including John Lyndon, Sting and Jon Langford. There is another pair of Johns that we could add to that list, Peel and Walters. Peel was so taken with the demo tape that he received that he wasted no time in signing him to his Dandelion label, after the label folded Coyne started a fruitful relationship with the then hippy tinged label Virgin, It was in this same year that he recorded the first of his 10 Peel sessions, the last of which was laid down in 1990.
I have always had a soft spot for his work, loving his commanding voice over a folk rock 'n' roll with shades of left wing avant garde, the subject matter of his songs could be both challenging, pleasing and disturbing as he often used his experiences as a social worker for the basis for a song. The eighties would prove to be difficult as it would seem that struck by depression and alcoholism and a failing marriage he was living out his earlier lyrics. Thankfully he was to come through this with the help of a new relationship and a wise move to Germany. He continued recording and gigging despite being diagnosed with lung fibrosis that finally took his life in December 2004.

Regular readers will have already read about some of the concerts that I promoted between 1992 and 1999, when starting out we were looking for a name, something that would catch the eye, we came up with Luna Tick. A few days later I was listening to a Kevin Coyne album and stumbled across his song 'Lunatic', and ever since then I have not regretted the choice of name. The song comes from his 7th session recorded in February 1978 as does another of his songs that maybe sums up our experience 'That's Rock 'n' Roll'. Both of these tracks can be found on the long deleted but worth while tracking down 'Peel Sessions' album from 1990 on Strange Fruit where we can also find one of his touching love songs 'Marlene', that has always struck a chord with me.

What follows is a more or less complete list of gigs that Luna-Tick promoted during it's 7 years of existence, unless otherwise stated they took place at Le Rockstore, Montpellier. There might be some mistakes and some omissions as there definitely some black holes in my memory, feel free to correct me! The team that worked with me and myself had a great time and have some wonderful memories and tales to tell and regretted nothing except maybe the adventure ending. That's enough of blowing my own horn for one day!

25/11/92 – New Fast Automatic Daffodils
16/12/92 – Inspiral Carpets / Otis Wood
23/02/93 – Hinnies / Beckets
11/03/93 – High Llamas
??/04/93 – Peter Astor
??/04/93 – Mamas Boys
12/05/93 – Third World
17/05/93 – Wilko Johnson / Captain Sensible
31/05/93 – The Auteurs / David Gray
17/06/93 – Radiohead
20/10/93 – Ukranians
24/10/93 – TV Smith / Mike Rimbaud
29/10/93 – Welcome To Julian
01/11/93 – Boo Radleys
??/11/93 – Christine Lakeland
30/11/93 – Moose / Sidi Boo Said / Divine Comedy
28/01/94 – Les Satellites
16/02/94 – Faith Healers
15/04/94 – Boo Radleys / Sharkboy
16/04/94 – Boo Radleys (Espace Julien, Marselle)
21/04/94 – Voodoo Queens
20/04/94 – Dominique A
23/04/94 – Steve Wynn
15/05/94 – Divine Comedy / Epic Soundtracks
16/05/94 – Divine Comedy / Epic Soundtracks (Balzac, Nice)
17/05/94 – Divine Comedy / Epic Soundtracks (Espace Julien, Marsellie
26/05/94 – Pulp / Lighthouse
27/05/94 – Pulp / Lighthouse (Espace Julien, Marseille)
06/06/94 – Terry Lee Hale
05/12/94 – New Fads / Molly Half Head
20/01/95 – Edwyn Collins / Catchers
07/05/95 – Boo Radleys /Sleeper
02/06/95 – TV Smith
04/11/95 – Kepone / Sloy
20/11/95 – Radiohead / Drugstore
24/11/95 – Pulp / Menswear (replaced by Otis Wood
27/11/95 – Terry Lee Hale
01/12/95 – Welcome To Julian / Notre Dame
20/03/96 – Sylvain Vanot
23/04/96 – Bluetones
??/04/96 – Autour De Lucie
13/05/96 – Katerne
14/05/96 – Assassin
06/11/96 – Mathieu Bogard
09/11/96 – Sebadoh
23/11/96 – Sloy
08/12/96 – The Cardigans
19/01/97 – Boo Radleys / Linoleum
01/04/97 – Lemonheads / You Am I
28/04/97 – Palace Brothers
09/05/97 – Swell / Tarnation
28/05/97 – Placebo / Dream City Film Cluc
20/09/97 – Smog / Ego
14/10/97 – Stereolab / Pram
20/11/97 – Delta 72/ Twenty Miles
24/11/97 – Lucky Peterson
08/12/97 – Yo La Tengo / Run On
25/02/98 – June Of ‘44 (?)
25/03/98 – Les Thugs / Tantrum
17/04/98 – Tortoise
03/06/98 – Royal Trux
23/09/98 – Swell
10/11/98 – Louis Bertignac
14/11/98 – Eliot Smith
16/10/98 – Divine Comedy / Pelvis
19/11/98 – Sloy
23/11/98 – Gomez
28/11/98 – Les Sheriff
05/12/98 – Cat Power
24/01/99 – Unbelievable Truth
07/02/99 – June Of ‘44 (?)
27/04/99 – Chokebore / Zen Guerila
13/05/99 – Lucky Peterson
19/05/99 – Sebahoh
21/05/99 – Add ‘n To X
14/10/99 – Stereolab / Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
24/10/99 – Ben & Jason
05/11/99 – Atari Teenage Riot
18/11/99 – Les Thugs
25/11/99 – Mass Hysteria / Wasin' Machine

Thanks for the tracks. I bought the sessions CD in the 90's and like some from that period now fails to play correctly. Something about the ink seeping further into the disc or something.

A great artist who's written so many great songs and will be sadly missed.
Kevin Coyne was one of those genuine musician and writers, that sat uncomfortably with the musical establishment. Goes to show how loose cannons have always troubled the money makers.

John Peel must have had real patience, knowing that mainstream radio (excepting Radio Caroline whose reach on AM limited the audience) ignored such talent and played safe everytime.

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great post. i bought this album many years ago and still listen to it. have been wondering why coyne is so under-represented on the music blogs.
Glad to have been of service. I have the same problem with certain CDs from the early 90, it would appear to me that there are two labels that suffer more than others from 'CD fatigue' - Strange Fruit and Island. I'm the pissed of owner of Julians Copes 'Skellington' for which the sound quality has deteriorated to such an extent that is now a pain to listen to - if anyone has an example that is playable drop me a line if you can provide me with a copy.
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