Monday, March 05, 2007


Peel Sessions 43

I've still got problems with FileXoom, my file hosting service, this is the 5th day they are down, they estimated 3 days! To add to this, since Saturday I'm having great problems in staying connected for more than five minutes and my connection speed has dropped to a ridiculous 14kbits/s, is this a record Tiscalli or am I being given special treatment? So to say I'm pissed of would be the polite way to express my feelings.
So no wonderful text today as I no longer have the energy to battle with my computer, Just a handful of songs from the early XTC Peel Sessions, I loved them when they were churning out quirky angular leftfield pop songs, and liked them a lot less when they started to tread the Syd road of whimsical English psychedelic pop, sorry I know a lot of people like the later period, just my personal opinion.

1. 'I'm Bugged' (21/09/77)
2. 'Crosswires' (20/06/77)
3. 'Meccanic Dancing' (13/11/78)
4. 'The Rhythm' (13/11/78)

I will not be back until I've got my internet connection sorted out or have found another less painful way to post, today it has taken me over two hours and I don't think my patience is going to last for much longer. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its got to be worth all hassle when your blog attracts readers from the rock n roll hotbed French Polynesia.
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