Thursday, March 22, 2007


Head At The Controls

I was rather bemused the other day when I saw the adverts in the music press for the latest Trojan compilation 'Jonny Greenwood Is The Controller', is this the same person that strums away behind Thom Yorke making the most weird and beautiful noises? The answer was yes, so I pondered was this revenge for the Easy All Stars album 'Radiodread' from last year that covered the OK Computer album in reggae style. Apparently the studio wizard is a newcomer to reggae only really starting to explore it 3 or 4 years ago, one does wonder what took him so long! The album is the first of a series to be released to celebrate the labels 40th anniversary, where stars are being asked to compile a compilation from the labels massive and impressive vaults. Well worth checking out as are the numerous limited edition Trojan box sets that contain 50 tracks over their 3 discs and retailing at under the 20 euro mark are not just a good listen but a good deal as well, personal favorites 'Dub Rarities' and 'Rockers'.
Seeing as I am very much a product of the place and time that I spent my formative years reggae has never been to far from my ears. The golden age is of course long over and the best albums were probably all recorded in the seventies, this does not stop rasta legends from recording and touring to this day though it must be said that the ears of the nations youth would much rather listen to other forms of music such as ragga. A collection of four songs from the musics golden period :
1. Prince Far I - 'Message For The King'
2. Augusto Pablo - 'Fat Girl Jean'
3. Tapper Zukie - 'Rockers'
4. Tapper Zukie & The Musical Intimidators - 'New Star'

It is not necessary to be black, nor to smoke weed, nor to wear a silly hat, nor to be sexist to enjoy this music, just close your eyes and let yourself be taken into it's hypnotic groove, I was and I've never regretted it, though I must say I probably look a right idiot when skanking away to the deep bass lines that seem to infest your body and oblige you to move, but what the hell !

found you through the hype machine, excellent tunes you have today. Thanks for the post.
Thanks for the trojan tracks - appreciated. I have several of the trojan boxes, one of my favourites is the Roots Box, jamaican Hits and DJ boxes are good too. I will try the Rockers one you suggested.

Check out the Dotun Adebayo reggae show on BBC Radio player/Choose Local Radio/Then Radio London. Mark Lamarr's history of reggae is good on Radio 2 - agian you can get this on the web.

Simon, Surbiton, UK
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