Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The Good & The Bad

Bad News : fileXoom don't like me any more or else I've been rattling someones' cage and been banned, as my account with them has totally disappeared and they don't recognise my e mail address either, can't complain really seeing as the account was free. What this does mean is that all files hosted there and posted before today are now dead, sorry! Amusingly enough I was able to sign up for a new account using the same e mail, let's see what happens. Some of you will have noticed that files hosted at My Data Bus are not always available, the reason is quite simple, I am restricted to 1 giga of band width per day and as demand is high I am easily passing this at the moment, don't worry I'll be spreading the files around other services so try again another day.
Last year I discovered a great festival, Primarvera that is held in one of my favorite towns, Barcelona, well the 2007 line up has just been announced and it's a scorcher : The Apples In Stereo, Barry Adamson, Billy Bragg, Black Mountain, Blonde Redhead, Buzzcocks, Dirty Three, DJ Yoda, The Durutti Column, Fennesz & Mike Patton, Girls Against Boys, Jonathan Richman, Klaxons, Long Blondes, Low, Patti Smith, Rakes, Slint, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Spiritualized, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Good The Bad And The Queen and Wilco, of course this list is not exhaustive and as with such events is liable to modifications. I've already bought my tickets that it must be said are a bit on the expensive side at 110 euros, and reserved my hotel, can't wait!

One of the big attractions is going to be Damon Albarn's new project, The Good The Bad and The Queen, who played a gig in Washington DC last week that was broadcast by NPR who amazingly enough considering the importance of the band have put the 60 minute concert up as a hefty one piece 55 mo download. The set was a straight run through of their album with an unreleased song 'Doghouse' and a single b side 'Mr Whippy' played as the encore. Mr whippy includes a Syrian called Eslam Jawaad, God knows how he managed to obtain an entry visa to land Uncle Sam. The song itself is a pleasing take on cod reggae that reminds me very much of Mark Perry and ATV doing 'Love Lies Limp', and that can't be a bad thing.

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