Saturday, February 10, 2007


This Bug / Rock On

Silverfish were a Scottish band from the late '80s and early '90s that eventually found themselves signed to one of the hippest labels at the time, Creation that also had it's roots in the highlands. The bands focal point was singer Lesley Rankine who with her aggressive vocals and radical feminist views made the perfect partner for the bands metal influenced proto industrial noise. They managed four albums and numerous singles before their rising star was to fall to the ground with their split, Rankine went on to form the trip hop influenced Ruby but as they say that's another story.
The 'This Bug' single is fine example of what they did best, slightly chaotic noisy pop with raunchy female vocals. The single's B side might come as a surprise as it is a very good cover of one of David Essex's better songs 'Rock On' where the title's tribal feeling is pushed to the limit with some great overloaded guitar counter balanced by Bridge Over The River Kwai style whistling.

Nice post, as well as all the others. I've always liked Silverfish & your bang on the money with Thin Lizzy.
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