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Peel Sessions 41

Pete Wylie has what is both a good and honest title for his web page : part time rock star, full time legend!
The legendary part dates from the late '70's when along with Julian Cope and Ian McCullough they were collectively known as the Crucial Three, another true garage band that never quite made it passed rehearsal stage. Pop star, yes back in the '80's under one of his many Wha pseudonyms he was a regular in the single charts scoring his biggest hit in 1982 with "Story Of The Blues" that peaked at a respectable number 3.
Their seemed to be a complicity between Peel and Wylie, that was probably based on their mutual love of music and Liverpool F.C., both were natives of the city, and not their personalities that were radically different Peel being more quiet and retiring while Wylie reputation as a motormouth probably did his career more harm than good in the long run. Wylie's site contains the following tribute to Peel that I found quite touching:

"john peel changed my life.
the music he played thrilled and inspired me/us
then his faith gave us the confidence to do what we did.
he supported 'the story of the blues' for 2 months when everyone else had given up on it,and that's what made it a hit.
and his friendship matters more than all that.
he named us the mighty wah!
i was the first person to co-host his show.
he said he never called an LP an album after i said it was wrong.
last time i saw him,he dj'ed in liverpool summer 2004,wearing a mighty wah! tshirt.he went on at seven minutes to midnight...
anyone else you'd think 'coincidence'.but not with peelie.
one of the motivating forces behind my next lp's,'pete sounds'and it's evil twin 'slime',was to make something peel would be proud of.
it's a shame he's not around to find out.
and the 1982 wah! peel session has just been voted among the 125 best sessions ever!
i loved him,i love him,i owe him.
and i don't think i ever let him know..."

The punctuation or lack of it is his, not mine. He got to record 6 sessions between 1980 and 2000, today's four songs were first broadcast 17th September 1984.

1. 'Basement Blues : The Story Of the Blues'
2. 'Better Scream'
3. 'Weekends'
4. 'Yuh Learn'

Still sounds fresh to me after all of those years and still gets my feet tapping away, those looking for a handy introduction could do worse than checking out 2000's career spanning compilation 'The Handy Wha! Whole', to be pronounced quickly to get the full effect of the word play!

Holy crap. I can't thank you enough for posting these. I had played the single "Come Back" on my college radio show in .... yikes, 1988.... and was never able to discover much else about the Wah.

I have since gone and bought everything I can off Amazon. Being a huge fan of Chameleons, the Factory Records roster, Echo, The Wonder Stuff and Pulp... this band is a true lost treasure.
hey there, Yuh Learn appears to be dead - any chance of a re-up?
try the link again I checked it out today and it was working fine, though I must admit that FileXoom does have it's fair share of down time.
still keeps coming out at under 10kb for me :( oh well!
Long shot, but any chance of reposting these tracks.

He was always the most talented of the crucial three.
Hi, well be sensible, well-all described
I'd love to hear this very rare Peel session - any chance of a re-upload? Cheers from Dublin.
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