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They look a happy enough bunch don't they? The Moonflowers were a collective with their roots in England's west country that were active between 1987 and 1997. I guess that they could be loosely termed as being part of the crusty movement, as they certainly displayed hippy influenced ideals, and would appear to have led a somewhat nomadic existence.
They came to my attention in 1992 when I received their 12" single 'Tighten Up On The House Work Brothers And Sisters" that was described on the cover as being a funky south west sound. The three tracks were played almost to death by me over this period and for very good reason, I like the organic, free, loose feel to their music. What also stood out was that here was one of the rare UK bands that were capable of locking into a funk groove, that would not be out of place on a US stage. Their musical influences are very much worn on their sleeves and would include Sly And The Family Stone and the extended George Clinton family. The three tracks were 'Tighten Up' a cover of an Archie Bell & The Drells song, 'Housework' that was used for a TV programe about guess what? The last track was the anthemic 'Brothers And Sisters', that reminds me in places in of the Neville Brothers, a live version can be found on their web site along with other free songs to download and If you like what you hear, all of their material is also available there at reasonable prices.

Saw them at the Mean Fiddler or maybe the World's End in the early 90's. So damn good, one of the best nights out ever. Recordings never really capture the groove and the power....
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