Thursday, February 15, 2007


Holiday Time Again !

It is true that I am rather privileged in terms of vacations, proof of which tomorrow straight from work I'll be loading the car up and we'll be off looking for snow at Supper Besse in the Massif Central. This does of course mean that there will be radio silence on the blog front until February 25 when I hope to be back with my batteries fully charged and my fingers aching to go. Until then I'll leave you with three cover versions of a long time favorite song of mine, 'The Boys are Back In Town' by Thin Lizzy. I would like to add that the links on your left come highly recommended so if you have the time do give them a try.
Version number 1 comes from the Cardigans who took the world by storm in the 90's with their sublime single 'Love Fool'. I have always had a soft spot for them and love their lounge music takes on old Black Sabbath songs, 'Iron Man' is to be both heard and seen to be believed. Their version of this Phil Lynot song is in much the same vein and can be found on the 1988 B side and rarities compilation 'The Other Side Of The Moon'. Cover number two is also a laid back take on the track from American cult band the Mountain Goats and was recorded for Dutch radio station VPRO. Number three dates from 1999 when it was released a single for the Happy Mondays come back Tour only for them to disappear again before getting back together yet another time last year, there is a new album recorded and ready waiting for the right label.
See you soon!

enjoy your holiday abramson
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