Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Another Third Of The Crucial Three

Following on nicely from yesterday's post with long time favorite of mine Julian Cope who latest recording venture is a three piece going under the name of Brain Donor. A wonderful name for a band that makes me think of the classic Mel Brook's film Young Frankenstein, if you don't know why, well shame on you! The band have been around since the beginning of the century playing some fine garage rock. The end of last year saw the release of their fourth album 'Drain'd Boner', it's five tracks clocking in around the forty minute mark has brought the memories of vinyl albums rushing back. In the band's own words the album is "munting sub-humanoid No Wave from the bowels of the Goddess Hell", and no, I don't quite understand what Cope means, he has after all long had the reputation of being a little bit eccentric, but the music is fine by my ears. The song that won't leave my head at the moment is 'Where Do We Take U' which is a very catchy song reminiscent of early Public Image with it's mocking vocal tones. It really wouldn't be fair to put up two songs as this would be almost half of the record, and it is new, and don't forget the point is a little taster and if you like it enough well two or three clicks here and a week or so later you'll find it waiting for you in your letter box.
Bonus track comes from Julian's aptly named 1987 album 'Saint Julian' which was a welcome return to amphetamine fueled garage pop all played at a break neck pace and with great hooks thrown in for good measure. 'Spacehopper' despite the throw away nature of the song was always great to listen to and real live stormer, now the memories of Toulouse 11th November 1988 are flooding back. It was only recently that I discovered that the track actually dates from the days of the Crucial Three and if rumour is to be believed Ian McCulloch co-penned the song, as he did with 'Robert Mitchum' that was to feature on Cope's 1990 release 'Skellington'.

C'est vrai que c'etait bien ce concert au Pied, en plus mon groupe (les Freluquets) faisait la premiere partie... Dommage qu'il y ait eu si peu de monde.
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