Thursday, January 25, 2007



Time to be a bit humble and apologise for yesterday's cock up with the music files, my thanks to anonymous, it's always him or her isn't it ? Anyway as they so poetically stated 'links all fucked up'. Well I've spent the best part of the afternoon trying to sort this one out, only to discover it was a problem of forbidden characters, apparently '&' buggers up the system. So I've replaced the '&' with 'and' before re uploading the files and what do you know the links are up and working. Sorry again and I'll be back tomorrow with some new music.

gertcha cowson - I can't tell a lie it was me who pointed out the error of your ways - make your new additions some more tockney and we'll call it quits
tockney WTF!!!! I meant rockney :)
avoid spaces and characters such as #£$ etc. 'cos servers don't know how to read these.
Octet is binary!!
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