Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Sid Presley Experience

No it's not a joke though the cocktail of the first name, that of a sad punk rock icon with that of the surname of the king of rock 'n' roll who also met with a sad demise could well be conceived as character that would be worthy of the pen of Ben Elton, or some other 'alternative' comedy writer from the eighties. They were a short lived London guitar based four piece that had been formed by Peter and Chris Coyne in 1984. A quick look at their press photos reveals an image of UK gangster chic long before the likes of Guy Richie was to be serving up the same in his films. The look was very much that of the East End around the period of the Kray twins, this underworld association was to be kept up as the brothers next band, that was to be more successful was the Godfathers.

During their short life span the Sid Presley Experience gathered enthusiastic articles from the press where they were promised a great future. They managed to release two singles in 1984 the first of which 'Public enemy Number 1' (gangster references again!) was produced by Dave Goodman, ex Sex Pistol soundman, and producer of the legendary bootleg 'Spunk Rock'. Their second single boasted a cover version of 'Cold Turkey', a John Lennon song, which considering the the bands punk roots seemed a strange choice. Investigation reveals that this was recorded in protest about heroin dealing and addiction on London housing estates, during the early eighties more and more dealers were taking advantage of the forgotten population that was being left behind on these backwaters of society. the second song was 'F For Fake' that shouted out loud and clear their admiration for the Sex Pistols and this was very much to good effect. Final track 'Firewater' is a hi-octane surf/rock 'n' roll instrumental that would burn a hole in any stage. They never got round to releasing an album and by the following year, 1985 they were no more and the Coyne brothers were already planning greater things with the Godfathers.
In conclusion great name, great image and the music wasn't bad either, needless to say their releases have been second hand shop affairs for a long time, this really is the sort of music that should be licensed for digital commerce.

Wasted youth i dont think so.Thanks for all the top music you have posted since you began your blog.Kris dollimore was my guitar hero when i was a spotty teen,i think this live video shows why.

Such kind words, your comment reminds me that Wasted Youth were also a band from my youth, saw them may a time down the old Bridge House, Canning Town. Thanks for the link, though I won't be using it as I still have a 56k dial up connection! Still I'm sure others will use it.
I remember seeing the Sid Presley Experience a couple of times back then - I saw them at the Marquee (when it was on Wardour St) and the (very young) drummer passed out during the encore. The two singles were great...but The Godfathers were godawful...
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