Saturday, January 13, 2007



What is it common point between the following

The answer will be provided Monday!

The second image in case you are wondering is of the Senseless Things, a UK powerpop/punk band who had their five minutes of fame and the odd NME cover and even recorded two Peel sessions during the early 90's. Their albums have all been long since deleted by Sony/Epic who would seem to prefer spending their resources on other things such as game consoles, sorry but this is not my generation! So in case you missed out on them try the Buzzcocks influenced pop of 'Everybody's Gone' from their 1991 LP 'The First Of Two Many' that situated them as contemporaries of Mega City Four often sharing the same bill. 'Homophobic Arsehole' from 1993's 'Empire Of The Senseless' took a heavier direction while keeping their pop sensibilities in tact, maybe because of the more serious nature of the subject matter radio airplay was to be rare and the song failed to chart.

Jamie Hewlett? What do I win? Is it a lifetime subscription to Deadline Magazine?
Like your blog very much btw.
Well done, but why?
It was a question not a competition so what you win my respect.
Does Deadline still exist?
Glad that you like the blog, it's comments like that that help to keep me motivated as I realise that I'm not the only one!
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