Monday, January 15, 2007


Peel Sessions 37

First up well done to Sonofajoiner who was the only person to answer, and correctly. The common point between the four images was indeed the comic artist Jamie Hewlett, the first image was Tank Girl a co creation between Jamie and Alan Martin from the 1980's, great comics, lousy film! Number two was the Senseless Things, a band for whom Jamie was to design album covers and other artwork. Number three is of course Pulp, Jamie was commissioned by their record company to draw a promotional strip based on the bands 'Common People' single. The comic can be downloaded, but be warned I scanned the images in high quality so the files are large, maybe only for hardcore fans! Cover, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5 and Page 6. And the last image was indeed Gorillaz the band that Jamie formed with his flatmate Damon Albarn.
Pulp were no way near being the band that recorded the most sessions for Peel, four studio sessions and four live recordings spanning the period 1981 to 2001, interestingly enough seven of these were from 1993 onwards. Their record company has done a very good job of compiling the four studio sessions along with highlights from the live recordings that is still available at an attractive price with the added bonus of some great sleeve notes from Jarvis's pen.
I consider myself to have been rather fortunate so far in my life for many different reasons one of which was the years I spent promoting concerts, I was lucky enough to organise three gigs by Pulp. The first of which took place just before the summer kicked in, May 26, 1994 at the Rockstore, Montpellier. This was when they were touring the 'His 'n' Hers' album, my memories of the band were of a group that couldn't believe their luck, off stage they were shy and retiring though once the houselights went down Jarvis went to great lengths to persuade us that this was where he belonged. The following year they were back in the south of France and I organised a date in both Montpellier and Marseille 24th and 25th November. By now the band were real stars, and the transformation was almost fairy story like, the tour bus was bigger, no longer the 2 star hotels of the previous year but now 4 stars were required. An image that has lodged itself in my head is of seeing Jarvis sitting in the salon of the hotel sipping tea as if it was the most normal thing in the world with all the bustle going on around him. The difference on stage was also to be seen to be believed, everything was 100 times more professional, I can remember the moment that I realised the difference was when Jarvis started strumming the introduction to 'Sorted for E's And Wizz', he was so full of confidence and the audience were totally behind him. Two great gigs! Those of you that never had the chance to see them at their height could do worse than buying 'Ultimate Live' a DVD containing two London concerts one indoors and the other outdoors, you won't be disappointed.
And so for today's music 'Common People' recorded September 1994, the vocals are a lot less upfront and I find this version has much more of a reggae feel. 'Sorted For E's & Wizz' was recorded at London's Kings College as part of the celebration of Peels 40 years in broadcasting.

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