Thursday, January 18, 2007


The Bottle

No! In case you are wondering I have not hit the bottle, though if things keep on going this way maybe it won't be long. It's turned into another one of those weeks, that despite my good intentions I find myself having trouble finding the time to do everything that I either have to or planned to. I am still waiting for the Beatles wish of an eighth day a week to become reality!

And so to 'The Bottle' which is indeed a song and not the one that has probably already sprung to mind by Gil Scott Heron, but another song altogether signed by The Tyrrel Corporation. A band from the early eighties for whom I remain blissfully ignorant excepting the fact that this single of their's did a good job of getting my feet moving back then. A song that will go down well with fans of the Hi-Energy brand of pop house that was served up by Bronski Beat, with just a little nod in the direction of rock. A vinyl rip, so the background noise is normal!

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