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No It's not a homage to the Toto song , but a handful of random songs that have been keeping my grey cells busy for the last few days, with nothing more in common than they are connected to that enormous continent that was the cradle of humanity.

1. Robert Plant's favorite band of African Nomads Tinariwen provide us with 'Cler Achel', I have no idea at all of what they are on about but it sounds fine to me. The track is taken from their latest album 'Aman Iman : Water Is Life' that is currently gathering the plaudits and stars that it deserves in the music press, may be Damon Albarn has something to do with this?

2. Rachid Taha has long been a star in, France, his country of adoption, and for certain politicians here he has the same quality as a thorn in the side, not such a bad thing? A few years back he recorded a cover version of 'Rock The Casbah' by the Clash that he renamed 'Rock El Casbah' which was really just like taking the song back home. Rachid also has a new album 'Divan 2' where he joins forces with his old sparing partner Steve Hillage to revisit songs of his youth in Algeria.

3. I love female singers in oriental music and a such Natasha Atlas has been a long term favorite of mine here is her voodoo meets Casablanca take on the old standard 'I Put A Spell On You'.

4. Last up is vinyl rip from a song from the Sisters Of Mercy, now I'm no big fan of Goth, though this version of 'Temple Of Love' is for me a big success in the way that it manages to mix the stiff goth original with the sensual charms of Ms Haza to such great effect.

Those of you that have enjoyed today's music and find yourself with too much money could do worse than visiting the Red Cross site and if you agree with the essential work that they carry out, make a donation!

Hey nice blog and selecta
D.Albarn has nothing to do with Tinariwen even if he does great work.

Rachid Taha's first group was 'Carte de Séjour' (i let u translate) and back in mid 80' they had a hit with a cover of Charles Trenet Douce France. It was scandalous. The point is that Taha follows his way and might be even more known abroad, since he played with several Uk artists as Sting for instance
I know dear old Damon has nothing to do with Tinariwen, I was just making allusion to his obvious love of African music.
Personaly I would consider playing with Sting to be the artistic kiss of death. Sting does have one thing in common with Rachid in that he is better known outside his own country!
Not a big an of goth, either -- as such -- though I do like stuff by Killing Joke, UK Decay, Siouxsie, Bauhaus, etc. -- bands that might shun the goth label. (What's called "goth" now is just horrible.) But I've always had a soft spot for this particular Sisters cut as well as about half of their First, Last, & Always LP.


Oliver / Cult Punk
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