Thursday, December 21, 2006


Ho Ho Ho

It's that time of the year again, and tomorrow as soon I get back from work I'll be loading the car and then off on a five or six hour journey to a rather small ski resort called Supper Besse in the Massif Central where the family and me will be holed up over the holiday period. Bad luck means that I must be back in Nimes Thursday and Friday, before returning to my family and the snow drenched peaks for another long week-end, what this does mean is that me having no internet access on the ski slopes there will be radio silence, as they used to say, here at Sound Of The Suburbs for the next few days. Do try to enjoy yourselves, I do even if don't always succeed! I've chosen some Christmas themed music for you from lets just say some of the more classy acts.

1. John Cale - 'A Childs Christmas In Wales'
2. Randy Newman - 'Christmas In Capetown'
3. Willard Grant Conspiracy - 'Christmas In Nevada'
4. Jacobites - 'Teenage Christmas'
5. The Waitresses - 'Christmas (W)Rapping'
6. Go Home Productions - 'Carpenters Christmas'
7. Go Home Productions - 'Christmas In Boston'

I think that's enough, don't you?
The image comes from the cartoon book 'Father Christmas' by one of the true masters of the medium Raymond Briggs. It was he that was responsible for the immortal 'Fungus The Bogeyman' that kept us amused for hours upon an end as students in the post punk fall out of London's suburbs at the end of the 70's. He also wrote the classic anti nuclear tome 'When The Wind Blows' that again touched a vein with my generation back then. I would strongly recommend his works if you don't already know them.
So that's it hope to be back mid week, with all my bones in tact!

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