Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Get Out Of Control

I've never been a big follower of gothic, be it architecture, literature, clothes or music, for me the man in black is an appellation reserved for Johnny Cash. Having said that there are certain bands and songs that I will confess to liking, the Cure are fine, above all their more pop side but the image I can well do without, I will also freely admit to liking the Bauhaus debut single, originally a 12" only release on Small Wonder, 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' though after that they left me a cold as well a corpse! Daniel Ash, the Bauhaus guitarist went on to enjoy a successful career with Love and Rockets after splitting with Peter Murphy in 1983. As with many others he has also tempted a solo career with three albums for Beggars Banquet in the early nineties, the title track of the last of these from 1993 was actually an airtime favorite of mine from my radio days and for good reason as 'Get Out Of Control' is an up in your face pop song with trashy guitars, a big drum sound, generous bass line and a catchy chorus, in fact nothing like goth! For your further listening pleasure the 'Dub Excemahanic Mix' as featured on the long unavailable 12" single.

Get Out of Control can be another cool Love and Rockets songs! Actually isn't Love and Rockets basically = Bauhaus sans Peter Murphy?
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