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Bush War Blues
Billy Bragg has recorded and put on line a new version of his reworking of Lead Belly's 'Bourgeois Blues' that brings the song very much up to date as it is called 'Bush War Blues' this new version can be found here. The end of the year sees a lot of action in Billy's camp, those of you in the UK should be jumping at the chance to catch him on his Hope Not Hate Tour part 2 where he will be performing solo, this is the best way to see him live as obviously without the restraint of a full band he can do whatever he wants and often this is to very good effect. part of the inspiration for the tour is to raise awareness of the rise of fascism and racism in the UK, sadly such actions are still necessary today. The full tour schedule can be found here.
Billy has also published his first full length book, 'The Progressive Patriot'. It is described as being part autobiographical and part polemic, now we wouldn't expect anything less from Billy would we? Looks to me like an interesting read with more than a little inspiration from on of his heroes George Orwell.
October has also seen the release of volume 2 of the Billy Bragg box, It includes the albums 'Workers Playtime', 'Don't Try This At Home', 'William Bloke' and 'England Half English' as with vol 1 each disc comes with heaps of bonus tracks and there is also a DVD featuring two concerts which will be of particular interest to those of you who like me live in countries where Billy does not play. While being slightly less essential than vol 1 this still remains a must for fans.

Neneh Cherry
It's Saturday and I'm in a good mood as tonight I'm off to see Neneh Cherry's new project Cirkus. The reason that I am so pleased is that concert was scheduled at Le Zenith, a 6000 capacity out of town shed, apparently pre sales have not been good and so the venue a has been changed to the much more intimate 1000 person Rockstore in the town center, I do like to see the whites of an artists eyes when they perform! I really don't know the band but have always liked what Neneh has done from her days with Bristol's post Pop Group, Rip Rig And Panic through to her more mainstream solo career. There are two downloadable songs on their My Space 'Starved CirKushake' and 'Fuc All The Doh'. The echoes that I have received from a Paris date are good so it looks like I'm up for a hot night.

Les liens vers les chansons de Neneh ne marchent pas...

Le mieux c'est encore de mettre un lien vers leur MySpace...

Merci Maitre,
J'ai refait les liens et je pense que ca va marché. t'a ratté un bonne concert hier soir! a bien tôt. Michael
Apparently some copies of the Billy Bragg book come with a CD, exclusive to Waterstone's, containing various album tracks and one new recording, "Down in the Willow Garden". Any chance of you finding a copy and posting it? My nearest Waterstone's is 6,000 miles away (I'm in Hong Kong), and I believe it's sold out anyway.
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