Saturday, November 25, 2006


Mash Ups And Bluegrass

This last week has seen much media interest about a band from Liverpool who had their hey day in the 60's and their producer, a man now into his eighties who from his own admission is no longer active because his hearing is not as good as it could be. The band of course is the Beatles and the reason for all this interest is 'Love' which clocks in at 78 minutes with its 30 tracks of remixed songs from the bands all to short career. This project was undertaken by the band's original producer George Martin and his son Giles using the ground rules agreed with all parties that all sounds used would be from material recorded by the Beatles, this rule was broken on 4 occasions with added sound effects. The result is, if you like a mash up of Beatles tracks that much to my surprise has garnered nothing but good reviews to date, if anyone has seen a bad one do let me know. As my regular readers will know I have a lot of respect for Mark Vidler who trades under the name of Go Home Productions his long awaited 14 track debut album of mash ups has been confirmed by EMI for February release. Mark has often used elements of Beatles songs for his mash ups, be it the vocals or instrumental one of these that I particularly like is 'She Sells Tax, Man' remember when listening to this that it is a demo version meaning an unfinished project and that Mark unlike George Martin did not have access to the original master tapes! GHP has recently put up two new mp3s 'Rock In Black' and 'GHP Rids The World Of The Curse Of The Evil Space Invaders' both of these tracks were originally released as part of a four track 12" single in November 2005 and are a sheer delight for the ears mixing AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, the Rolling Stones and, yes the Beatles amongst others. The lead track is obviously based on Australia's finest rockers AC/DC who have also been an inspiration to the American band Hayseed Dixie who as their name suggests are hillbilly bluegrass inclined. Since their debut album in 2001 that consisted of 10 AC/DC covers the band have been spreading the good word and heating many a concert hall with their energetic sets and moonshine sense of humour. The three albums that followed have included covers of artists such as Queen, Aerosmith, Joan Jett, Madonna, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead as well a original material. Internet Archive Org has a number of the bands concerts posted one of the better ones in terms of quality dates from December 7, 2002 from which we can find their versions of 'You Shook Me all Night Long' and 'Feel Like Makin Love' the second is of course the old Bad Company song that I dedicate to the recently passed away bassist Boz Burrel.

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