Monday, October 30, 2006


Peel Sessions 27

First up a little word concerning EZArchive and me. As some of you may have realised of late there have been some transitional problems with EZ, which is where my files are stored, this has been due to their new version which should be fully operational for the beginning of November. What this means is that in the near future all the links from their old site will be dead, although I will have the possibility to post the new links, do bear with me as this will take some time. It is for this reason that this week looks like being a little bit quiet, I see little point in putting up a link and then have to change it a mere mater of of days later. The good news is that next week I'm on holiday and what with the kids being back at school I can do as I please! If things go to plan I should have some good new and maybe even exclusive material to post in the near future.
And the Peel session today comes from the Brian Jonestown Massacre, who I shall be off to see playing in the fine town of Montpellier this coming Thursday, having already seen them earlier this year at a festival in Spain, I know what I'm letting myself in for! This time round seeing as it is at the Rockstore, which you should know by now is an old church, it appears to me to be the ideal place to see BJM, who after all claim in their own words to be keeping music evil ! According to the radio one John Peel site BJM recorded one session in October 1988 from which four songs were broadcast 1. 'Jennifer' 2. 'Who' 3. 'Hide & Seek' and 4. 'Feel It'. These songs are available here in a handy zip file. For me there is a little mystery that maybe someone can resolve for me, the files are on the BJM site and are clearly labeled as being Peel Sessions, note the plural form of the word. Contained here are 16 tracks which equates to 4 sessions, so a) where do the 12 extra songs come from? or b) was there more than one Peel session?

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