Friday, October 13, 2006


The Boys Are Back In Town

That's right, look who's just got back today Montpellier's original last gang in town OTH (On Tender Hooks), who played their official fare well gig at Le Rockstore 12 December 1991 and have buried their differences and reformed for one night only to celebrate the 20th birthday of the venue. The band are legendary for many things not the least of which is their fierce independent attitude that led to them leaving RCA records and forming their own outlet for music. Their records manage to stride than uneasy territory between real punk and old time rock. I can remember their last appearance as being hot sweaty and very intense, a lot of beer was downed that night! I'm expecting much the same tonight as again they will be performing before a sold out crowd in their home town's best hall.
Seeing as most of my readers won't know the band some music to help you familiarise yourselves 'La France Dort' from their 1974 album 'Reussite' and two songs including the title track from 1986's 'Sur Des Charbons Ardents', I have always had a soft spot for their reworking of Garry Glitter's 'Rock 'n' Roll' that they called 'Totem'.
May the party begin, and may the beer taps stay open all night long!

Beau billet sur OTH.
Mais et ainsi que tu le dis, je ne suis pas sur que tes lecteurs connaissent ce groupe. Aussi, le clin d'oeil avec le dessin des rapetou risque de laisser froid tout ceux qui ne connaissent pas le "Rap des Rapetous".

Read you soon.

Civil Servant
Couché l'ivrogne..!


On marchait tous sur des charbons ardents à l'époque...
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