Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Tom Waits & CSi

November 21 sees the release of a new Tom Wait's project, his first since 2004's 'Real Gone', entitled 'Orphan'. A 3 disc, 56 song set with each disc being subtitled there is 'Brawlers', 'Bawlers' and 'Bastards'. In brief the first disc contains the Roadhouse side of the man, primal screaming blues spanning from Muddy Waters to T. Rex by way of Captain Beefheart. Number two is the lonesome ballads as tender as they are sad. Bastards explores the strange and unusual side of Waits, the side that gave birth to his excellent trilogy of Island albums that started in the early eighties. there is a deluxe limited edition, does any one actually know what limited means?, that comes complete with a 94 page hand made booklet, that most of you probably won't read, still it's a collectors edition. I have decided that as my birthday falls a mere 14 days after the release date that I shall be treating myself to a copy. In the meantime there is a preview track for subscribers of EMusic, and me being a subscriber and a nice chap I've decided to share it with you and so here it is 'Bottom Of The World' from the Brawling disc.
A few weeks back I posted on the current Jones/James project Carbon Silicon inc, and their belief in sharing their music with you by way of free downloads, well they've put up three new tracks 'Why Do Men Fight', 'The Network's Going Down' and 'Really The Blues'. It is the last of these three tracks that is my current fave with its very eighties sound that reminds me of Blondies 'Atomic' until Mick Jones voice comes in however much I like him his vocal chords are not a patch on those of Ms Harry, it then takes a seventies turn with backing vocals resembling the Stones circa 'Gimme Shelter'. Check it out and see what you think.

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