Friday, July 21, 2006


Something For The Week End

Yesterday I posted something from gods gift to Zippo salesmen, Serge Gainsbourg, while admitting that it is not his greatest song in my defense I can say that it was at least topical as is the subject of today's post, his daughter, Charlotte. First up happy birthday, this I know not because I'm a fan, I'm not, but because I heard it on the radio this morning, 35 today. The reason that she is in the news is that her second album '5.55' is due for a late August release. Her day time job always been acting, she has performed in over thirty films, her career mirrors that of her mother mother Jane Birkin who is a well established actress who dabbles in music from time to time, often with good results though it must be said that she has difficulty shaking off the ghost of the great Serge. Charlotte's first album, 'Charlotte For Ever', dates from when she was thirteen and was a collection of song written for her by her father. She also scored a shock hit with the father / daughter duet 'Lemon Incest' that was promoted with a video of Serge half naked on a bed with Charlotte. This was just one of a long list anti establishment shock tactics that were to add a bit of spice to the French media.
I don't know the motivation behind this first album for 22 years but I must say that she has managed to gather together an impressive list of collaborators. Recorded in Paris with Nigel Godrich producing, yes the same Nigel that was behind the controls for Radiohead. the music has been largely composed by the duo that are Air, Charlotte was assisted with the lyrics by heavy weights Neil Hannon and Jarvis Cocker. Something for you to listen to, that I found on a recent cover mounted CD, 'AF 607105' which is to be found on the album. Those of you wishing to hear more can do so on her myspace page where there are two other songs to be streamed. I must admit to not knowing if the album is to be released outside of France, Amazon UK are not listing it, still this should be no problem as two or three clicks and you can buy it from Amazon France or Fnac the list of French sites is endless.

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