Thursday, July 20, 2006


Relax and do it safely

The summer holidays are here, for the French it is the whole of the months of July and August, for the English they get 6 weeks from mid July onwards, I believe the other side of the pond it's earlier but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway whenever your holiday period falls, it is rightly a period that youngsters make good use of to travel. I can confirm that this was very much my case, when younger I profited and saw most of Europe both East and West, met some great people and had many relationships with members of the opposite sex, this more often than not being for very short periods of time. I consider myself to have been lucky to have lived this experience just before aids reared it's ugly head, and for me safe sex was more a case of being careful not to do your back in than a simple but possibly life saving reflex. How times have changed. We have gone through a period when everyone was aware and condoms were everywhere being almost a fashion accessory. I hear that we have become a little bit slack in terms of protection these last few years and that the disease is on the increase above all in heterosexual circles. Now as I know only too well the summer recess is a great times for meeting the opposite sex or the same sex, take your pick, the only problem is that, maybe it's the heat I don't, our guard has a tendancy to be down. So kids this summer use your brain and your dick and slip a rubber envelope over the end of it. You'll be doing youself and your partner(s) a big favor. Think of it this way, you are a team player and the team is the human race.
And the music for today:
Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Relax (New York mix)
Serge Gainsbourg 'Sea, Sex And Sun (version anglaise)

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