Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Impeach Her !

It's hot, it's summer and mini skirts are everywhere you look as hormone levels are reaching overload, so what better way to celebrate the season than the release of the new Peaches album. This third LP from the vulgar Canadian sexual liberation warrior is brought to you courtesy of XL Recordings and has the topical title of 'Impeach My Bush' nice bit of word play there. It differs from its predecessors in so far as it would appear that she has firmly embraced rock 'n' roll, there are real drums and real guitars as in AC/DC, Big Balls anyone? The album's opener 'Fuck Or Kill' is a pure teen rebel yell that at 49 seconds long does not outstay its welcome. She raps and spits out the following chant "I'd rather fuck who I want/than do what I'm told to" over some of the best raw tribal drumming heard since Adam said good bye to the Ants. On her previous album 'Father something or the other' she had used a loop from Joan Jett's 'Bad Reputation', and so this time round she has invited the original leather clad Cherry Bomber to play the rock goddess herself, Joan lends her meaty guitar chords to 'You Love It' and yes girls , that we do. Needless to say I think it's a great album and well worth your time, money and ears.
If you are going to Reading or Leeds this year do try and catch her as she is busy rehearsing with a real live rock band, crowd surfing made in the USA! It of course goes without saying that our North American and Canadian friends will have ample chance to see Peaches live this summer, check out her web site for dates.
P.S. Her mother calls her Merrill Nisker and legend has it that a home she's a good girl and always sits with her legs crossed!
P.P.S. Sorry if the language offended any of you but as the old mantra goes Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll !

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