Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Adorable - Fake - part 3

Songs 5 and 6 are up today, a little reminder each pair of songs will only be linked for one week. Some 12 years after the albums release the critics still rate the album the general consensus is that it is a good as their debut 'Against Perfection' but lacked the indie hit singles to give it a little push. Trouser press even go as far a saying it is a "more coherent, ambitious album that flows better than it's predecessor, it possesses twice the bite, more interesting guitar passages and an underlying obstinacy that fuels the immaculately built tunes" so I guess they liked it. It does make you wonder what they would have done next if they had stayed totether.
5. 'Lettergo'
6. 'Kangaroo Court' this song which was also available as a single, was in many ways the band describing their relationship with the press "I know I'm losing my appeal / because I was hung drawn and quartered before my trial / without the privilege of denial". Very much a case of those that play with fire...............

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