Thursday, June 01, 2006


Something For The Week End

A few weeks back I stumbled upon this advert in some music mag, true my eyes did dwindle a little on the image and then I quickly glanced at the text, it was for a festival going by the name of Primavera and held in the charming town of Barcelona, well I thought Glastonbury has never used a poster like this. So I looked a little bit further and liked what I discovered a festival held almost town centre and with an eclectic line up, made to measure for me I thought and what with Barcelona being about a four hour drive from Nimes, the only problem being I could not get away from work before Friday afternoon and therefore could only attend the Saturday. So I've got my passport packed and am off in a few minutes, and I must say I'm quite excited for a 45 year old boy. Amongst those I'm hoping to see are Big Star, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Charades, Coconot, Anari, Vashti Bunyan, Shellac, Stereolab, Violent Femmes, Tender Forever, Gang Gang Dance, Lambchop, Deerhoof, Mogwai, Television Personalities.............I know full well that with six different stages it will be impossible for me to see everyone still I shall do my best. The only person I will definitely be seeing, and I guess I won't be alone is Lou Reed, who I have never seen before. I've have read somewhere that his appearance will be with full electric band. Little favorite of mine here from his majestic 'Berlin' album called 'The Kids' probably one of the most harrowing songs ever written but so full of dignity at the same time, I'd love to hear him play it but somehow I doubt it. I will probably stay over in Barcelona and don't expect to be back until Monday night, so I guess next post Tuesday, and I'll let you know if I saw the girl in the poster!

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