Monday, June 19, 2006


Peel Sessions 12

You must admit that they weren't the prettiest looking bunch were they? And as for their dress sense maybe it's best that we don't mention it but could they write a good tune, even coming up up with a teen anthem that still moves aging kids like me to tears. The song in question is of course 'Teenage Kicks' which I must admit stll gets to me whenever I hear it's opening chords. It is because of John Peel's initial support that the song reached classic status, he went on to say many years later that he sill listened to the song to remind himself of how a great record should sound. Peel's importance in their career cannot be overemphasised as he even went as far a paying for their first session from his own pocket. Despite having recorded six sessions the song itself was never to be part of one. Interestingly enough 'Teenage Kicks' never made it to the pole position in the listener voted Festive Fifty despite it's presence for four consecutive years. I have always had very mixed feeling about bands reforming and I must say that the Undertones getting back together and with another singer is ones that does not get my vote. What with summer officially beginning in two days what better excuse could I find to post 'Here Comes The Summer' as recorded at Maida Vale in February 1979.

Je ne vote pas moi non plus pour la soi disant reformationdes 'Tones sans Feargal Sharkey (autant dire sans l'essentiel des Undertones).
Mais, merci pour ce Here comes the summer.

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