Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Peel Sessions 10

OK I'm back from Barcelona, but I think that 3 nights and 2 days of partying is catching up with me, I'm as tired as hell and my voice is totally shot to pieces, I need to rest and probably some sleep would do me some good as well. I did enjoy myself, maybe a little bit too much, and if I can get myself in the mood I will tell you some more about it tomorrow.
While away I received a mail from Tommy the man behind Hauf Jaiket informing me of his new adventure The Story of the Fall, which in his own words 'intends to chronicle the mighty Fall's history song by song', now to me this sounds like great manifesto, and he has got off to a good start. This got me realising that there has been nothing from the Fall here to date, after all Mark E Smith has proved to be one of Peelie's most enduring favorites, so much so that the great man was moved to say that he had run out of superlatives for them as early as 1993. In total the band recorded 24 sessions from 1978 through to 2004. Today's song very much a theme song for the bands music and attitude is 'Rebellious Jukebox' that is taken from their very first time in the Maida Vale studios, only 23 days after John Walter (Peels long time producer) had stumbled upon them at London's Greyhound venue. The importance of this first broadcast cannot be overemphasised as not only did it kick start the long term friendship/appreciation between the 2 men but it was also responsible for them being "discovered' and signed by Step Forward records. The track would later resurface on their debut album 'Live At The Witch Trials' from 1979. Those wishing to further their acquaintance with the Fall should seriously consider purchasing the 6 Cd set of the complete Peel sessions, 97 song, which saw the light of day in 2005, I recently picked up a new copy for less than £20.00 on Amazon UK which is the proof that quality is not always the most expensive.

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