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Adorable - Fake - part 1

I have already posted on Adorable, a great band that were part of the soundtrack to a period of my life. Likewise I have also mentioned my intention of posting whole albums that are no longer commercially available, and so I have chosen Adorable's second album Fake to open this new theme. First some rules the tracks will be posted over the period of one month (five weeks for the first in the series) at the rhythm of one post a week each Wednesday, Blogger, EZ Archive and God being willing. Each group of songs will be available for one week only before I take down the links. Should the artist or copyright owner take offence I will ofcourse stop posting the album, and should this be the case I would suggest that the person concerned get their finger out and make the album available asap instead of moaning.
Adorable consisted of Piotr Fijalkowski (guitar, vocals), Robert Dillam (guitar), Wil (bass) and Kevin Gritton (drums). They formed in Coventy in 1991 signing with Creation Records the following year. They left us with two albums neither of which are on catalog, the better known pf the two is their debut 'Against Perfection' (1993) which also contains the songs upon which their reputation was built 'Sunshine Smile' and 'Sistine Chapel Ceiling'. Their swan song 'Fake' which was unveiled in September 1994 had the catalog number CRE165, was available on vinyl/CD/music cassette, the first 200 copies of the vinyl came with a bonus 7" 'Vendettta(World Cup Karaoke mix)/Man In A Suitcase (Mr Gritton Has Left The Building Mix), there was Japanese edition containing 'Dinosaur#3' and 'This House Is Rotten - Jason' as bonus tracks. The album was not released in America. Fake was not a commercial success and what with the group splitting and Creation disbanding it has become/stayed rare, a recent web search came up with nothing. Journalists have mixed opinions on 'Fake', Trouser Press consider it to be superior to its predecessor while AMG give it only 3 stars as opposed to the 4 stars they award 'Against Perfection'. Anyway I like it, true its more of the same ingredients that went into the first album, sensual simmering guitar lines, lethargic but mesmerising vocals building up to a catchy chorus, rolling bass lines and shuffling drums, when the recipe works.................And so without further a do today's songs:
1. 'Feed Me'
2. 'Vendetta'
If any of you have any information, stories or anecdotes relating to the band or this album please send me a mail the address is on the side bar, I will be only to happy to credit you if they are used in future post.


Hey Man! i'm an italian guy, grown up with adorable songs...
i was 20 when they was playing "sunshine smile". i am a singer... mmm... i was a singer... and long time ago, in 1992 me and my band (*SWEET SMELL OF SHINING*) was playing a cover called "sunshine smile". days after i became an adorable fan... they are the soundtrack of my youth.. i played them, i listened them, i love them.

There's too many letters that don't get sent...
There's too may letters that don't get read...
There's too many letters under my bed...
There's too many letters.

"Lettergo," by Adroable from this album. Wow, that song tugs at my heart strings every time.
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