Friday, May 12, 2006


Something For The Week End

Legend has it that that back in the fifties the Brits only had sex at the week end and above all never talked about it nor would they use any word than made allusion to the act. The legend also states that men would buy condoms, these were the pre-contaceptive pill days, at the barber shop, this was way before the uni-sex saloon came into being, of course the word condom would never be used and the said object was referred to as "something for the week-end". Now not even having been born in the fifties myself I can neither deny nor confirm the truth behind the legend, and being a true Brit may father refuses to enlighten me on the subject. So while searching for a title for a regular Friday post, along the lines of its the end of the week and I'm feeling far too lazy to research anything (and make mistakes!!!!) so howsabout some week-end music with a minimum of text, I came up with this old UK euphemism and though why not.
And so without further a do what I know you are really interested in, the music, it comes from Alabama 3, who are a London based rock/country/ dance cross over act, and are still waiting for the big time to call despite this song being used as the theme for the excellent Sopranos, the song is of course 'Woke Up This Morning' a cool modern take on the old blues mantra, which has been remixed to death and so here is the 'Chosen One Mix' dedicated to Tony and the boys.

Marty - London, UK

I was born in West London in 1950 and remember being in the barber shop as a small boy and always hearing that "Anything for the weekend?" question being asked at the till ...not that I was ever asked it, but then my mum would have taken care of paying the barber! I remember my mum whispering loudly in my ear to "SHUT UP" as I read out aloud the names of all the bottles, tubes and packets on the barber's display shelf was the name DUREX that did it! She explained to me later that they were "rubber underwear" and that it wasn't nice to say the name out loud!!!
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