Monday, May 29, 2006


Peel Sessions 9

A quick one today as it's hot and I've got far too many things to do, my tax declaration, watering the garden and sorting out a trip to Barcelona this week-end is only the start of a very long list. Anyway maybe was the talk of those interviews from way back that did it but I've been on a bit of a Wedding Present bender these last two days, not such a bad thing really. My memory of David Gedge is a very good one, I met him one when he was touring the single a month album and I seem to remember the man as very school teacherish right down to his glasses, which he does not wear on stage nor for publicity photos, vanity maybe? Regardless, the short time I spent with him I found him to be a charming intelligent thought provoking man, not something that can be said about all rockstars. David Gedge was a personal friend of John Peel and a firm favorite for his shows up there with Mark E Smiths Fall, the Weddoes recorded 9 sessions during their first lease of life. As everyone knows when the Wedding Present came to an end Gedge formed his chamber pop collective Cinerama who went on to grace the BBC studios eight times for the Peel show. Today's first track comes from their debut session as first aired June 1988 'Maniac' is a version of a song that appear on their debut album 'Va Va Voom'. The following year saw the band now road tested returning to Maida Vale Studios to lay down another four tracks including their take of the Turtles 'Elenore' complete with strings. I've always liked it and it is a nice song and so thoughtfully covered that it gets you in the mood for the hot weather that is on its way.

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