Saturday, April 22, 2006



In a moment of weakness I agreed to take my boys to Paris. The result is this evenining at 19:04 we leave Nimes by TGV to arrive in Paris some three hours later. On the menu for me during the next five days 'Star Wars' exhibition (and I've never seen one of the films), Eiffel Tower (for the fourth or fifth time), the Louvre (I always thought the Mona Lisa looked the same everytime I stood in front of it) and a whole load of other sites to see with lots of metro and walking involved. All this and no internet and no posting until Friday April 28, when French Riot police obliging Sound of the Suburbs will be back, until then I'll leave you with 'At Home He's A Tourist' by the ever wonderful Gang of Four to listen to.

Bonne promenade alors.

Maître Joe, qui n'a pas été à Paris depuis belle lurette... pas que ça me manque non plus...
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