Friday, April 14, 2006



I was thinking about an Easter theme post for today, and so started searching my hard drive with key words such as Easter, egg and bunny, and you guessed right the results gave me Echo & the Bunnymen. Though will will not be stopping there as I rediscovered a bootleg/mash -up by Go Home Productions that, for me, does a good job of making the Bunnymen's 'Killing Moon' and Abba's 'Voulez Vous' one song, a shame there was not as much imagination used for the title 'Abba & The Bunnymen', a joyous celebration of both bands music with Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Claude Fran├žois thrown in for good measure. So who or what is Go Home Productions? At 600+mo of my hard drive, this must be good stuff! GHP is the nom de plume of one Mark Vidler, producer/remixer/DJ and magician. If I were to sayfaileddmusiciann I hope it would not upset him too much as it is with his remixes and mash-ups that he really has scored, the man obviously has a very wide knowledge of popular music and and puts his understanding of it to very good use. Some of his better known works are: 'Ray of Gob' (Pistols vsMadonnaa), 'Rebel Never Gets Old' (mash-upcommissionedd by Bowie himself) and 'Rapture Riders' (Blondie vs Doors currently climbing its way up the charts of several European countries). GHP is one of the more interesting remixers involved in the movement and as such has been rewarded with acontractt with EMI and his first album is due out this spring. If you have some hard drive space to spare you could do your self a favour and and visit the GHP site where there is plenty of good toons to download.
Just in case you forgot Abba spilt up and probably went on to sell even more records than before and as for the Bunnymen well they got back together again their latest album being called 'Siberia' and I rather doubt they sell as many records today as they did in 80's.
Happy easter egg hunting and a little bonus for today the Bunnymen With their version of 'Ticket to Ride'

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