Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Easter Sunday

I had a plan for Easter Sunday. Laurence me and the children would drive to her parents for lunch watch the kids looking for their eggs and then fighting over them and maybe even throwing up. We would then eat and drink and spend a lazy Sunday afternoon relaxing before leaving the children with their grandparents while we did the remaining 25km for Montpellier, with good rock'n'roll gig on the agenda to wind the day up. As with lots of plans something goes wrong. I think it was Thursday I phoned Fifi the owner of the venue only for him to announce to me that the gig was canceled. The reason, a valid one, was that Billy Lunn, the bands singer had been Hospitalised as a result of problems with his voice, things growing on his vocal chords or something. It was considered serious enough for the bands European tour and possibly this summers festival dates to be canceled. So who are they? Only the Subways that Teen Trio from the UK that run away with the best unsigned band award at Glastonbury in 2004, the result was that they didn't stay unsigned for much longer as they rapidly joined forces with V2 releasing their debut Ian Broudie produced 'Young For Eternity' in 2005. A rather fresh and energetic punk inspired take on pop rock, I was particularly taken by the albums opener 'I Want To Hear What You Have To Say', all raspy vocals and once it gets going reminded me of a young Supergrass. So we never got round to seeing them, which is a shame as from all accounts on stage they ROCK, their record company say that the dates will be rescheduled, that I will believe when I see it. And a closing thought for Billy, get well soon.

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