Saturday, March 11, 2006


Plan B

Imagine Tarantino meets the the Sweeny , think of Alf Garnet rapping and maybe you'll get the Idea of what Plan B sound likes . Born in Forest Gate, E7 in 1983 Ben Drew grew up surrounded by UK black culture and indoctrinated by his Godfather's obsession with Dylan . Armed with an acoustic guitar and not the more usually turntable and studio trickery, he raps his bleak X rated urban poems over folk style fingerpicking .
There will be the obvious comparisons made with the Streets but this should end with their accents, as Plan B is full blown Guy Richie production next the Ken Loach influenced Streets .
Ben Drew is young and maybe to honest having gone on record as saying he wants to rap about drugs and violence because being a male it does excite him, video game companies have ofcourse made their fotunes from this belief . Time will tell the impact he will have , currently in the studio recording a debut LP , the only available product is 'Sick 2 Def' as a single . Those going to SxSW will be able to check him out live (March 18 Maggie Mae's), I wonder if Americans will need subtitles to get round his east end jiving .
I must be honest here, my interest is two fold as the particular part of London where he was born and bred is where I come from excepting the almost quarter of a century difference , we probably went to the same schools maybe me with his Dylan loving Godfather ! My other interest is my love hate relationship with rap . In theory I love it, revolutionary black music I'm 100% behind, but the reality quickly became an I'vegottabigdick farce which left me cold, so when there is something new and interesting such as the Streets or or Plan B's wit and pathos I'm always ready to give it a listen .
This may or maynot be of interest but the Streets third album is due to see the light of day April 10 .

Plan B 'Dead and Buried'
Plan B 'Kidz'
the Streets 'Get Out Of My House' mc remix

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