Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Parental Advice

I know it looks like Elvis Costello but it is actually Hamell on Trial , the acoustic punk minstrel responsible for the album 'Songs For Parents Who Enjoy Drugs' , great title and the music's not bad either . As is the case for many of us parenthood has changed Ed Hamell's outlook on life this is well illustrated in the albums lead track 'Inquiring Minds' where Ed imagines a future conversation with his son where he is grilled as to his past life . Dad did you ever take drugs ? Did you ever have premarital sex ?............... the question and answer session goes on for four minutes before coming to the conclusion that he must lie lie lie lie and lie . Dad did you ever do anything bad ? Fuck no ! all of this over a catchy acoustic guitar riff . It put a smile on my face while getting me thinking at the same time and that can't be a bad thing . Another key track on the album is the the more raunchy , both in musical terms and subject matter , 'Coulters Snatch' a song that deals with subjects such as GW jnr masturbating in front of the bible and Condoleezza Rice's sexual preference , with a nice reference to Elvis Costello thrown in for good measure , 'I used to be disgusted' , now where did I here that before ? all said and done an album that lives up to his reputation as a string punishing acoustic punk guerilla capable of both inciting a riot and making you laugh at the same time . I'll leave the last word to mr Hamell who had this to say about his album "I've never been as topical or angry as I now am , And that's a direct result of the kid . He's gonna grow up in a country that's in need of a serious mend , and as always I cling to humour to get me through" . I couldn't agree with him more though I would change county for World .
Both of the tracks I've mentioned can be found on his latest album available , for example , from his record company Righteous Babe or you could always download , and it is legal , a concert he gave at the Knitting factory NYC February 21 of this year .

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