Sunday, March 12, 2006


New Releases

Not something I shall do on a regular basis , but when and if I see anything that motivates me, I'll let you know . Having said that it could turn out to be a daily feature, who knows ?
First up on the list is the 6th album by Portland based indie pop duo Quasi 'When the Going Gets Dark' . Quasi are multi instrumentalist Sam Coomes (love the T shirt) and drummer Janet Weiss who holds down a full time job with Sleater-Kinney . For many of us our introduction to Quasi was by seeing Elliot Smith, as not only were they his backing band but played the support spot as well . Despite being divorced the couple are still making music together as illustrated by the Beatles influenced 'the Rhino' . Three years in the making 'When the Going Gets Dark' is released by Touch & Go March 21 and for those of you in the states the band are touring the second half of April .

Next up, long term personal favorites of mine Calexico who recorded 'Garden Ruin' with their new expanded line up, now a 6 piece and hot on the tail of last years successfull collaboration with Iron & Wine 'In the Reins' . Calexico, originally a side project by Giant Sand's John Convertino, formed in 1980 after he met Joey Burns . They forged a firm reputation with their live shows and released critically acclaimed records displaying their multicultural roots ; spaghetti westerns, fado, jazz, Country and surf .
'Garden Ruin' their 7th Lp is due in the stores April 11, to tide you over you can listen to the opening track 'Cruel' . Not to be missed the band are touring both Europe and the US until may 15, and would be surprised if there are not summer festivals lined up .

Last up in this little round up is Irish singer songwriter Luka Bloom, an outsider that I discovered way back with his beautiful album 'Acoustic Motorbike' and above all his cover of LL Cool J's 'I Need Love', a local radio hit in Montpellier . His parents christened him Barry Moore but after spending years in the shadow of his more famous brother Christy he decided to change name and try his luck in America . A skilled guitarist and and expert interpreter of other peoples song he had no trouble in finding gigs for himself, it was at one of those that he was spotted by a talent scout and signed to the major Reprise . Never quite achieving the success that he deserved Luka has continued recording and is currently signed to England's sympathetic Cooking Vinyl who release his 10th album 'Innocence' March 21, you can listen to the title track here . Luka Bloom will be out entertaining his American audiences until mid April and maybe some European date after ?

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