Friday, March 17, 2006


Clean Sweep

I was going to post yesterday, I had everything sorted out in my head, roaring and ready to go, so what happened? You may of noticed that I use ezarchive to host my files, but what you don't realise is that where I live high debit internet connections only exist on TV adverts, so I'm still on a 56k dial-up. The two songs I'm posting today are a combined 21mo, over 2 hours of upload time, well at about 1h57 I lost my internet connection. So I had no other choice except starting again, may be this can be considered devotion above the call of duty or just plain stupidness.
Any way by the time it was finished so was I for the day.
To continue with our last theme of NME produced discs, today's effort was a cover mounted freebie from 1998 entitled 'Clean Sweep' consisting of 15 tracks recorded live at London's Astoria in January of that year. If I'm to be honest it is not the most interesting of their compilations, though there are two tracks that always manage to make my ears buzz. The first is from Scotland's finest sonic math rock band Mogwai. a fine live rendering of 'Ex Cowboy', a taste of their as then unreleased second album 'Come On Die Young'. For an instrumental group Mogwai are proving to have excellent staying power, having just released album no.5 'Mr Beast' from which 'Folk Death 95' is taken.

The real treasure for me in this collection is a collaboration between Spiritualised and Suicide on the latter's 'Rocket USA'. Depending on your musical taste this is either a marriage made in heaven or hell, but for my ears, even clocking in at the 10 minute mark, a masterpiece. Jason Pierce's drone rock combo hitched up with NYC's finest noise terrorist duo from the good old 1970's. Need I say More.

Interesting link between todays two bands, London's Royal Albert Hall, Spiritualised played there in 1997 fresh on the heels of their classic album 'Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Outerspace' and Mogwai are going to play there September 22 of this year as the last date of their current world tour.

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