Wednesday, March 08, 2006


the Adorable Polak

I guess we all have our favorite cult band , or should I say band that would have been big if only ............... My past and maybe my personality means that I have a list , a long one , of those that got left at the starters post . Why I don't know but the other day one of these came to the top of head , and so I dug out 'Against Perfection' and gave it a spin . Still the same old magic and loads of memories of my time spinning discs on the 89.9 of radio Alligator . Adorable the band that almost made Simon Templar (the Saint) popular once again were firm favorites of mine in the early 90s . Piotr Fijalkowski's band were considered by many to be part of the shoegazing scene but were not totally accepted partly due to the bands (rightly so) arrogance , they knew they were good . Once signed to Creation , a rocky relationship began with head man Alan Mcghee , so much so that the working title for the bands debut album was Against Creation , only to be changed 24 hours before the art work deadline . We are running a little bit ahead of ourselves here , before the album came the inevitable singles . The first of which was 'Sunshine Smile' to be made single of the week in the NME and toping the UK indie charts . They were to release a total of 4 singles from 'Against Perfection' , my own personal favorite being 'Sistine Chapel Ceiling' another NME single of the week . A song as majestic as the painting . From its opening rolling bass line to its harrowed melancholic vocals and guitar lines taking you higher and higher until you're up there with Leonardo . Despite the favorable press Adorable stumbled on the second album 'Fake' which lacked the obvious self confidence of their debut and flopped , as a result they were dropped by Creation and by late 1994 the band were no more than a memory . Another legend bites the dust . After an Amazon search I can confirm my suspicion that no Adorable product is officially available . CRIMINAL . DO SOMETHING SOMEONE . In the meantime get searching those used record stores or sites .

Fijalowski followed up Adorable with Polak the band he co-formed with his brother at the tail end of the century . While lacking the charisma of Adorable one cannot help but be pleased to hear the desperate voice of Fijalowski at the helm of songs again . Signed to One Little Indian Polak have had 2 albums unveiled to date . The strangely titled debut , 'Swansong' , as if they knew their days were numbered , in 2000 , from which I've chosen impossible' as a little taster for you . Followed by 'Rubber Necking' in 2002 . A strange state of affairs , according to Amazon both Records are available though a visit to One Little Indian will leave you empty handed as they don't even mention the band , so have they been dropped or what ? As to the band current status ? All I know is their web site is no more , and as for Polak ?

radio Alligator..? you keep on putting salt in the wound, mate...
Just to tell you the link to "Sistine Chapel Ceiling" doesn't work... as far as somebody cares... I do anyway...
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