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It's been a while since Mark Vidler otherwise known as Go Home Productions signed on the dotted line with the devil. The latest news on his debut LP titled 'Mashed', rather a shame he hasn't paid more attention to the title, is due for February 2007 release worldwide by EMI. It should be pointed out that despite the movement existing for a good few years now this is the first official bootleg/mashup album to have full legal clearance, sounds like the practice has now been fully embraced by both artists and the biz, lets just hope that this is not the artistic kiss of death.
Maybe it is because Mark can't wait to have his official product in the shops that he is still actively posting some of his work on his web site, his latest web product is a virtual vinyl EP entitled MPFree that can be found here as a Zip file complete with artwork! It is the EPs lead track 'Bus Stop Runner' that for me is the strongest mixing the Hollies 'Bus Stop' with the Sweets 'Blockbuster' amongst others hidden delights to leave us with a suitably sugary feel in our ears after listening to this seventies bubblegum homage. I personally have my own theory as to why Mark Vedler so often succeeds where other bootlegger fail, before manning the mixing desk and mastering Acid and tape loops he was a musician and as such understands song structure and a whole load of other stuff that make the difference between a good idea and a finished product and secondly that the man is a huge music fan with an enormous data bank of sounds in his head. When I say that that others fail, for me the proof of a good bootleg is one that will stand up to repeated listens in the comfort of your own home, one where the novelty of the marriage does not wear off. There are of course others that are as important and that have contributed to taking bootlegs out of the under ground ghetto such as Soundhog and Mcsleazy though few can claim the quality and constancy of Mark.
For those that don't want to bother with the Zip files the individual song links are: 'Bus Stop Runner', 'Destiny 1999' and 'Time Outside'.

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